Why Is Laura Ingraham’s Mini Skirt Photo Popular?

Laura Ingraham’s miniskirt photo is popular because Laura Ingraham dressed in a miniskirt contradicts her personality. The mother of three is a radio and TV host, and her fans describe her as smart, entertaining and conservative. This is why the photo in the leopard-print miniskirt in the “New York Times” caused such stir.

In her third book, “Power to the People” (which was released on Sept.11, 2007), Laura Ingraham devotes a lot of space to what she calls “Pornification” of America. In the book, she criticizes the culture for not promoting family values and instead promoting too much sex.

In her 26th radio show, Laura Ingraham praises a Utah high school for stopping several girls from attending a homecoming dance because their dresses were “immodest.” Laura further points out that to prevent objectification and date rape, young girls must be conscious of how they dress. In this same show, she says that young girls should not wear dresses that reveal cleavage or are too short. This, she says, is inviting trouble.

Laura talks about how the nation may benefit by enforcing a more modest dress code. The irony of this is why some people are shocked when Laura poses in a miniskirt.