What Are Some of the Largest Cities in the World?


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As of 2012, nine cities have populations estimated in excess of 20 million people. These include Tokyo at 37.1 million; Jakarta, Indonesia, at 26 million; and Seoul, South Korea, at 22.5 million.

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What Are Some of the Largest Cities in the World?
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Other cities topping 20 million are Delhi, India, 22.2 million; Shanghai, at 20.9 million; and Manila, Philippines, 20.8 million. In addition Karachi, Pakistan, is home to 20.7 million people; New York numbers about 20.5 million; and Sao Paulo is at about 20.2 million.

Other cities with huge populations include Mexico City at 19.5 million; Cairo at 17.8 million; Beijing at 17.3 million; Osaka at 17 million; and Mumbai, India at 16.9 million.

The populations of 11 cities are greater than 10 million, including Moscow at 15.5 million; Los Angeles with 14.9 million; Calcutta, India, at 14.4 million; Dhaka, Bangladesh at 14 million; and Buenos Aires, Argentina, 13.6 million. The rest with more than 10 million are Istanbul at 13.6 million; Rio de Janeiro at 12 million; Shenzhen, China, 11.9 million; Lagos, Nigeria, at 11.5 million; Paris with 10.8 million; and Nagoya, Japan, with just over 10 million.

Forty-three cities have populations between 5 and 10 million.

These numbers from WorldAtlas.com include the populations of the metro areas, not just the cities proper.

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