What Are Some of the Largest Cities in North America?


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Mexico City, Los Angeles and Chicago are some of the largest cities in North America, according to Worldpopulationreview.com. These are some of the most important cities in North America, and they include historical landmarks and tourist attractions.

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Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and the biggest city in North America with a population of around 8.6 million people. It is the financial, political, cultural and educational center of Mexico. It is also home to numerous historical landmarks and buildings.

Los Angeles, also called LA or the City of Angels, is the largest city in the state of California, the second-largest city in the United States, and the third-largest city in North America with a population of 3.8 million people. It is also the third-richest and fifth-most-powerful city in the world. Los Angeles is home to museums, including the Hollywood Wax Museum and The Museum of Contemporary Arts.

Chicago, also called the Windy City, is the biggest city in the state of Illinois, the third-biggest city in the United States and the fifth-biggest city in North America with a population of more than 2.7 million. Wrigley Field, Lincoln Park and the Museum of Science and Industry are places to visit in Chicago.

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