What Is a L’Oreal Color Chart?

The L’oreal Paris hair color chart is a complete listing of all of the hair colors included in the L’oreal hair dye product line. Each shade is categorized by a number or a number/letter combination. The chart lists L’oreal’s hair color products by brand, dye type and shade.

For example, under the “Healthy Look” brand of L’oreal, light brown is number 6 on the color chart. The family of the light brown shade also includes 6RB, 6R, and 6RR. Each shade is slightly different depending on how red the consumer would like their hair to be at the completion of the dying process. Color charts are important because the end-user needs to be aware of the exact color number used when doing root touch-ups. A color chart is also useful because it shows consumers what their color choice will look like based on the pre-dyed state of their hair. If a customer uses “Healthy Look” 6RB on blond hair, the result will be different than a customer who uses the same color on black hair. Color charts help customers choose the most desired hair color. The signature phrase of L’oreal Paris is “because I’m worth it”. The company’s main goal is “to provide affordable luxury for people who demand excellence in beauty.”