What Kosher Foods Are Usually Served at Passover?


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Unleavened bread products, known by the Jews as matzo, is a staple of Passover meals. Other kosher foods eaten during Passover include fruits and most vegetables, meats, and some dairy products.

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What Kosher Foods Are Usually Served at Passover?
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Leaven of any kind is not allowed in any Passover foods because of the Jewish tradition that unleavened bread was the "bread of poverty" that Israelites consumed before their liberation from Egyptian enslavement. Some Jews cook matzo with water to create meals such as matzo ball soup.

The traditional meat consumed at Passover is lamb, in honor of the original Passover. However, some Jews view the lamb as sacred and only have lamb meat present as a symbol, while actually consuming other meats, such as beef, chicken and turkey. Many Jews prefer to buy meat from kosher butchers for the yearly observance.

Fruits and vegetables eaten at Passover include apples, celery, lettuce and horseradish. Bitter herbs are most commonly used because they symbolize the bitterness of slavery. Certain vegetables, such as corn, beans and peas, are not consumed by Ashkenazi Jews because of their similarity to the grains used in leavened bread.

Dairy products, such as eggs, cheese and yogurt, are used in some Passover meals, as long as they are not made with additives such as corn syrup. They also cannot be mixed with any meat products in the meal.

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