What Kinds of Questions Are on the Myers-Briggs Test?


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The questions that are on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) asks test takers to read statements, such as "Being around people exhausts me" and choose a box on the spectrum from "never" to "sometimes" to "always." Other statements include "I prefer not to plan out my day" and "I have an active imagination."

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Other statements might be "I am an overly sensitive person" or "I enjoy meeting new people." These statements help categorize people in four ways between the qualities of (E) extraversion and (I)introversion, (S) sensing and (I) intuition, (T)thinking and (F) feeling, (J) judging and (P) perceiving. The test is designed to help people choose what option in each category fitsthem the best with the understanding that people have all of these qualities within themselves, however, the spectrum is different from person to person.

The MBTI tests is also known as a "type indicator" because it tells people what their "type" is out ofa set of 16 predetermined types. The idea is that once a person knows what their personality type is, that person can begin to capitalize on their strengths and improve their weaknesses. People who have taken the test will also have an opportunity to understand themselves at a deeper level and the test is believed to positively aid in self-discovery and personal growth. The test is also commonly used in work environments to help supervisors create personalized training programs for employees.

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