What Kinds of Food Do Brazilian People Eat?

What Kinds of Food Do Brazilian People Eat?

Typical Brazilian dishes include a mix of seafood, steak and street dishes, with European, Indigenous and West African influences. Dishes tend to vary between regions. For example, there are strong African influences in the northern regions and colonial influences in the southeast.

As there is a large Afro-Brazilian population in the northeast, many of the dishes contain ingredients like coconut milk, shrimp, fiery peppers and palm oil. One popular dish is moqueca, which is one of Brazil's most well-known seafood dishes.

In contrast, the southeast was a colonial stronghold, which means stews are particularly popular there. The stews are filling, as they date back to an era when people worked long hours in harsh conditions. One such dish is tutu a mineiro, which is made of mashed beans and is served with sausage, eggs and fries.

Because of Italian and German influences, many areas in the south enjoy large barbecues. As such, all you can eat barbeque restaurants named churrascarias are particularly popular, and Blumenau hosts the biggest Oktoberfest outside of Germany.

Individuals from the Amazonian regions are more likely to eat indigenous dishes, which feature a lot of fish. Tacac√° is a traditional soup containing a complex range of ingredients, including shrimp and tapioca. In addition, tucupi, a dish made with duck, is popular in the Amazonian region of Brazil.