What Kinds of Events Should Be Part of a Church's Friends and Family Day Program?


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Events that can be part of a church's friends and family day program include a worship service, food and drinks, music, activities, and services for the community. Events for a friends and family day vary depending on the church, but to interest more guests, the church should offer events for guests of all ages.

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A worship service is important to show new guests what type of services the church has. The church can increase the likelihood of people returning by featuring a worship series that focuses on a common life problem and referencing upcoming services at the end. Another way to bring people back is to invite them to meet the pastor at a later date and learn about the church's mission.

Free food and drinks are common on a friends and family day. The church may want to offer a variety of different dishes to accommodate guests. Depending on the time of day, a church can also offer snacks and coffee.

Music makes the church more exciting, particularly for younger guests. Music options include corporate singing that includes the guests, recorded music or a live band. Activities include sports and crafts projects.

Churches may also offer free community services to bring in guests. Community services may include heath assessments, dental evaluations and blood pressure tests.

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