What Kinds of Bushes Have Red Berries?

There are several types of bushes that bear red berries, including cotoneasters, barberry shrubs and common winterberry. Some shrubs produce red berries in the colder months of fall and winter while others follow a standard blooming pattern, blossoming in the late spring and closing in the fall. Bushes with red berries include hardy deciduous and conifer species that can live either inside or outdoors, depending on type.

For versatile and rugged bushes, cotoneasters make good choices. These bushes belong to the rose family, and range widely in size and composition. Some come in the form of evergreens while others classify as deciduous. While some cotoneasters grow vertically, and may reach heights of 20 feet, others grow to a smaller stature but spread horizontally. Others, like shrubs, grow rapidly over the ground. These thick bushes bear thick needles, resembling those of conifers. They have sharp, spiky thorns on the ends and produce a distinct fragrance, along with bright red to orange berries. Barberry shrubs rank among the most attractive, low-maintenance and resilient garden decorations, making them popular choices. These bushes thrive in temperate climates, but endure winter temperatures and summer sun, too. They produce bright berries year round, and come in two species. One species develops bright red berries, and the other has yellow berries. Winterberries make good choices for hardy, deciduous shrubs. They lack fruit, but produce large numbers of shiny bright red berries, making them attractive additions to winter landscapes.