What Kind of Sermons Can You Find at Sermons 4 Kids?


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Sermons 4 Kids features a variety of religious sermons on topics such as the Bible's Old Testament, The Bible's New Testament, holidays and special occasions. They also feature lectionary sermons categorized in Year A, Year B and Year C. There is also a featured sermon of the week.

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The Old Testament sermons are put in three categories: sermons from the books of law and history, sermons from the books of poetry and wisdom, and sermons from the books of prophecy. In the first category are sermons such as "The Snowman" submitted by Dixie Melton. The sermon speaks of man making a snowman and God making man. The second category contains sermons such as "God's Keys to Happiness," which explains how God gave mankind the keys to happiness. The sermons from the books of prophecy include "In God's Hands," which explains how God is in control.

The sermons from the New Testament are categorized into the Gospel according to Matthew, the Gospel according to Mark, the Gospel according to Luke, the Gospel according to John, the Acts of the Apostles, sermons from the Pauline Epistles, sermons from the General Epistles and Revelations. In that last category is the sermon "Jesus Is All You Need," which explains how Jesus fulfills all necessities for life and godliness. The lectionary sermons are specific to occasions, just as the sermons for holidays and occasions are.

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