What Kind of Music Do Italians Listen To?

kind-music-italians-listen Credit: Emma Innocenti/Taxi/Getty Images

Italy imports music from America and England, but it is also home to a growing and thriving music industry. Italy's pop music landscape transformed from the smooth swing of the '50s to the bright, bass-heavy Europop of the mid-2000s. In the '60s, Italian pop transitioned from the nostalgia-heavy styling of migrants into a political and artistic movement. By the 2000s, traditional pop rock dominated the charts.

Italy's national identity is tied up in its music. Still renowned for its classical music, Italy takes fierce pride in its modern productions of pop music, devoting two national radio stations to broadcasting their own music as of 2014. Although Italian artists receive little recognition in America, a history of contemporary pop music reveals that '80s bands like Pet Shop Boys and Laura Branigan derived much of their cold, melancholy sound from Italy.

Popular and famous Italian singers include Laura Pausini, who sings in both Italian and Spanish; Giorgia, who draws inspiration from jazz and soul music; Tizziano Ferro, who styles himself as the modern face of Italian pop; and Jovanotti, whose influences range from hip-hop to classical.

Recently, traditional Italian music, called patchanka music, is undergoing a revival after being abandoned under fascism. Patchanka music mixes traditional music, punk, reggae and rock with political lyrics