What Kind of Information Is Available for Muslims Via Hiiraan?


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Somali website Hiiraan Online offers much content likely of particular interest to Muslims, as the site aggregates news and opinion about or otherwise relevant to Somalia. Islam is the official religion of the East African nation, and nearly all Somali citizens are Muslim.

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What Kind of Information Is Available for Muslims Via Hiiraan?
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Some examples of news stories posted on Hiiraan Online in the first several months of 2015 included a USA Today report of the Pew Research Center projection of the world Muslim population exceeding the Christian population by 2070, an Associated Press account of the pope meeting with the Palestinian president, and a BBC article about the public execution in Somalia, by the Al Qaedaヨlinked group Al Shabaab, of a man accused of insulting the prophet Muhammad.

Some opinion pieces featured on Hiiraan Online during the same period were one from the Minneapolis Star Tribune regarding efforts to prevent violent extremism among the Somali Muslim community in Minnesota, a piece by Ali Osman accusing the Somali government of corruption that allows Al-Shabaab to flourish, and a post from a blog criticizing a group of Somali Muslim religious leaders for condemning music as prohibited by Islam.

As of 2015, Hiiraan Online appears to carry little or no original news or opinion content. It has a Somali music section which hosts audio files, but its sports menu item links to the ESPN website.

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