What Kind of Food Do People in Turkey Eat?

Residents of Turkey eat a variety of rich, savory foods abundant in vegetables, rice and different types of bread. Meat is common but portions are smaller, and popular items include grilled and roasted meats like "kebaps" and "kofte" made of lamb and mutton.

Kebaps are skewered grilled meat and are similar to the shish-kebab commonly eaten in America. Kofte are grilled patties of seasoned mince meat, similar to burgers or meatballs. Pilaf is another popular dish in Turkey, and it consists of rice cooked in butter with onions, meat and vegetables.

One food commonly eaten in Turkey is called "dolma," a vegetable stuffed with rice or mince meat. Dolma is usually made with peppers, grape leaves or tomatoes. Other popular vegetables in Turkey are eggplant and zucchini.

Bread is served in loaves at most meals, and it can also take the form of "elmek," "pide" or "manti," which are dumplings with meat filling. Another bread called "borek" consists of thin sheets of dough layered with cheese or meat, folded and then baked or fried.

Turkish cuisine is usually not spicy, and popular seasonings include dill, mint, parsley, cinnamon, garlic, cumin and sumac. Yogurt is often served alongside both meat and vegetable dishes.