What Kind of Dress Is Traditional in Canada?

Bill Raften/Photolibrary/Getty Images

There is no on specific traditional dress for Canada. The 10 provinces and three territories cover a wide range of native tribes and colonial establishments, offering traditional costumes for each. The commonly accepted idea of Canadian traditional dress is French Colonial, according to The Canadian Encyclopedia.

The modern nation of Canada was colonized largely by the French, and therefore, traditional dress is often considered to be colonial French, according to The Canadian Encyclopedia. The wealthiest would have worn the popular fashions of Paris, albeit on a one year delay due to travel. The working class population would have worn clothing made in the home from hand spun cloth or cloth that was locally imported and purchased. Occasionally local materials, such as painted skins, would be used for decoration. The aboriginal peoples have a rich history of traditional costumes, which vary greatly, from region to region.