What Kind of Crafts Did the Cherokee Indians Make?

The Cherokee Indians enjoyed making a variety of crafts for both aesthetic and functional reasons, including pottery items such as peace pipes and bowls, baskets made from buckbrush and honeysuckle as well as clothing with unique dyes and marbles. The clothing that is popular in the Cherokee Indian circles are the ribbon shirts for men and the tear dresses for women, which is the standard traditional look.

Cherokee Indians came up with several inventive dyes for clothing and pottery using black walnut, blood root, yellow root, broom sedge and yellow sedge. For baskets, the Cherokee used cane, hickory bark, white oak and honeysuckle bark.

The Cherokee Indians lived a rather peaceful existence until the white settlers started to encroach on their land. These settlers pushed the Cherokee further and further until they drove them from their land completely with the help of President Andrew Jackson in 1836 on the Trail of Tears. The Cherokee and other Native Indian tribes, such as the Choctaw, were forced to make a long journey from their land to a reservation in Oklahoma set aside for the Indians. Out of the 15,000 Cherokees that made the journey, more than 4,000 died. This was due to the hunger, exhaustion and disease that they faced on their journey.