What Kind of Clothing Is Traditional in Chile?


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Traditional Chilean clothing includes brightly colored ponchos, pants and cloaks. The two most-iconic pieces of clothing are the chamanto, a type of poncho, and the chupallas, a type of hat. Although the vast majority of people wear westernized clothing, traditional clothing is still very popular and is periodically reinterpreted and updated by designers.

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What Kind of Clothing Is Traditional in Chile?
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The chamanto is a poncho made out of silk and wool, edged in ribbon. Unlike conventional ponchos, the chamanto can be distinguished by its reversible sides, one dark and one light. Traditionally, the darker side is worn outside during the day and is switched to the lighter side at night. The chamanto is difficult to make due to its intricate design. Many chamantos are decorated with prints featuring barley, wheat, grapes, pansies, fuchsias and birds.

Named after the original material, a chupallas is a horseman's hat made out of straw. Modern variants use wheat or rice instead. The chupallas is still commonly worn in rural Chile and by dancers performing the cueca, a Chilean folk dance.

Other common traditional Chilean clothing includes togas and robes. In general, the Chileans pride themselves on their appearance. Modern Chile is highly class-conscious, drawing divisions based on salary, and clothing is an easy way for Chileans to assess a person's status.

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