What Kind of Clothing Do People Wear in Japan?

Though clothing in Japan varies from person to person, the Japanese are internationally known for both their traditional kimonos and their involvement in Cosplay (the practice of dressing in costume or like a fictional character). They are also known for their varying Lolita styles.

Traditionally, the Japanese wore kimonos. Kimonos are not as common as they used to be, but they are still worn for special occasions and ceremonies, such as weddings or religious events.

There are a few different types of kimonos. The Furisode is worn by young, unmarried women and is very colorful. The Tomesode is another bright-colored kimono but is worn by married women instead. The Yukata, however, is a summer kimono worn by both men and women to summer festivals and religious ceremonies.

Cosplay is another popular dress in Japan. Cosplay fashion is modeled after anime, manga and fantasy video game characters. Many people who dress in cosplay fashion make it a hobby to enter costume contests, since their dress is so elaborate.

Lolita is another popular fashion style in Japan. This style mixes children's fashion and adult sophistication. One form of Lolita style is the Gothic Lolita. This mixes a sweet and innocent look with a wild, punk style.

Sweet Lolita however, uses a lot of sweet, pastel colors along with ribbons and bows. It closely resembles the attire of a child.

Many Japanese people, however, dress very similarly to Americans. Businessmen wear suits, teenagers wear jeans and tennis shoes and women wear dresses and skirts.