What Kind of Clothes Are Worn in Cuba?

Modern Cuban clothing consists of casual cotton and linen attire that is lightweight, due to the warm tropical climate. Women often wear skirts or jeans with t-shirts or loose tops, while men wear jeans or cotton pants and traditional shirts called Guayabera.

Cuba’s location in the Caribbean, along with its Spanish colonial ancestry, contributes to its unique cultural style. As is the case with many neighboring island nations, Cuba has warm and often humid weather, with only mildly cool temperatures during the winter months. Over time, this has evolved into a year-round light and casual dress code throughout the country. Much of the clothing is made out of cotton, because it is locally grown and harvested. Local materials play a large role in the evolution of Cuban clothing, as it has faced numerous trade embargoes from other countries.

Men’s attire is similar to that of many casual North American and European cultures, in that pants and short-sleeve shirts are more common than full suits or formal wear. One staple of men’s fashion is the Guayabera, which is a pleated button-down shirt that has four pockets sewn into the front section. It is required that state officials wear a Guayabera at all government functions, for both men and women.