What Kind of Clothes Do Mexicans Wear?

The clothing people wear in Mexico does not differ much at all from the clothing worn in other countries, such as the United States. However, there are several types of traditional clothing designed to keep wearers cool in the hotter climate.

Traditional women's clothing in Mexico consists of simple pieces adorned with garnishes of bright colors. These items often contain decorative embroidery consisting of symbolic patterns and images. One example of this is the Huipil, a tunic-like dress that, like most of the clothing worn, was made out of cotton. Another example of traditional women's clothing is the "china poblana," which means Chinese Pueblan in English. This piece consists of a white shirt, a shawl and a colorful, wide dress.

Traditional men's clothing is not as colorful as women's and, in fact, is hard to find, as pre-Columbian Mexican men wore little, often resorting to using a sarape, a long blanket-like shawl. This changed when the Spanish arrived and gave out shirts and pants to the Mexicans. One of the more iconic styles of dress for Mexican men is the charro. This style closely resembles the style of dress people that outside of the country associate with mariachi bands. One of the most important parts of the charro is the sombrero, a large hat designed to give its wearer plenty of shade.