What Kind of Clothes Do Italians Wear?

Italians often wear appropriately fitted, neat clothing made of fine material, along with stylish accessories. There are no specific rules to dressing in Italy, but there are generally accepted cultural norms that affect the way Italians dress.

The degree of attention and care one places on clothing choices translates as respect in Italian culture. Tradition plays a large part in Italian fashion as well. One way Italian fashion differs from American fashion is that Italians generally wear appropriately sized clothing for their bodies, while some American fashions eschew sizing. Additionally, Italians do not normally wear white socks with trousers. They prefer to wear socks that look as discreet as possible, such as black socks. It can also be noted that Italians also do not wear suit jackets with jeans, while many other cultures wear this combination regularly.

Tradition and respect are defining factors in the way Italians dress. For example, when visiting the Vatican, no shoulder-less tops, shorts or mini-skirts are worn. Attention is paid to the level of formality of an event as well. When visiting a luxury restaurant for instance, or even a friend's dinner party, care is placed on neatness and wearing dressier clothes than usual, such as fine, tailored suits and dresses.