How Do You Kill a Mulberry Tree?

Moritz Hoffmann/LOOK/Getty Images

Mulberry trees are fast growing and provide quick shade, but in some areas they are invasive. When cut, the roots often send up new growth. Eliminate regrowth by treating the freshly cut stump with an herbicide containing glyphosate, triclopyr or 2,4-D as an active ingredient. Tools needed include a chain saw and a power drill.

  1. Cut down the tree

    Use a chain saw to cut down the tree. Use eye protection when operating the saw. If you don’t feel comfortable cutting the tree yourself, consider hiring a tree surgeon to remove it for you.

  2. Treat the stump

    Use a paintbrush to paint the selected herbicide on the remaining tree stump. If the tree has been previously cut and the stump has had time to heal, use the chainsaw to cut through the stump again to reveal a live section before applying the herbicide. With large stumps, use a drill to create 3/4-inch holes in the top near the edges and fill the holes with herbicide.

  3. Remove any new growth

    If the roots are still alive after this treatment, they may continue producing new growth. Cut any new mulberry trees as soon as they are recognizable. Each time the new growth is cut, the root loses more energy, and it eventually dies.