How Do You Kill Fruit Flies With a Spray?

Aerosols, typically a pyrethrin spray, can reduce the population of fruit flies in an area. The spray is designed to kill flies it comes in contact with and repel new flies. Spraying in specific areas and using other methods of fly control can increase the effectiveness.

  1. Identify the fruit flies

    Fruit flies are typically attracted to organic matters such as rotting fruits. They are about 1/8 inch in length. Identifying them properly will help you use the correct aerosol and prevention methods.

  2. Clean the area

    If the fruit flies are located in the kitchen, clean the area before spraying. Remove any food from the area so that the spray does not poison it.

  3. Kill any noticeable flies with the spray

    Spraying an aerosol like On Time Mist Flying Insect Killer will kill any flies it comes in contact with.

  4. Spray breeding areas with an IGR

    IGR, or insect growth regulators, can help control some specific problem areas. Spray under appliances, floor mats and other potential breeding grounds to keep the flies from coming back.

  5. Repeat as necessary

    Repellents can be an effective way to keep fruit flies out of an area, but they need to be used on a regular basis. On Time Mist Flying Insect Killer, for example, works for up to 30 days.