How Do I Kill Ants in My Lawn?

Too many ants in your lawn create unsightly and dangerous ant hills, weaken and damage the grass, and destabilize paving on walkways. To kill them, you need gloves, a rake and insecticide designed for ants.

  1. Eliminate the food and water supply

    Before killing the population of ants your lawn already has, make your home less appealing for new colonies. Food and water sources around the house that attract ants include dirty pet bowls, open garbage receptacles, compost that has not broken down, dripping faucets and standing water. Practice good hygiene inside and outside of the house, and ants will not be so drawn to your property.

  2. Prepare the anthills and apply insecticide

    Rake down the anthills to grass level, then apply liquid synthetic insecticide to the entire area around the mound. Afterwards, water the lawn to allow the insecticide to soak into the soil. For any ants that have wandered inside the house, use an insecticide that they carry back to the colony to kill other ants.

  3. Maintain your lawn

    Ant colonies thrive best on sandy, patchy, poorly maintained lawns. Taking good care of your lawn is one of the best ways to keep ants away. Keep your grass cut to the proper height, feed it fertilizer with needed nutrients, and water it regularly.