What Is a Kiddush Luncheon?

A kiddush luncheon is served after a bar or bat mitzvah. It is a time where people can come together after the celebration to enjoy food and companionship.

A bar or bat mitzvah celebration signifies the time a young man or woman is officially entered into the congregation that they attend. After this point, the boy or girl is expected to act and behave like an adult member of the congregation. This celebration generally occurs at the time the child is 13. The religious ceremony occurs in a synagogue, but the reception can be held at a variety of banquet halls. The congregation, family members and friends are invited to the event and it is a time of great celebration.

Families hosting a bar or bat mitzvah can choose to have their celebration at any time. Many families do the celebration early so they can have a luncheon afterward. The luncheon is a time to give and receive gifts, eat food together and catch up with family members. Another popular option for bar or bat mitzvah celebrations is an evening party that allows all guests to come; this is popular among people who have relatives or friends that work during the day.