What are some kid-friendly activities that you can do to celebrate daily blessings?


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Kid-friendly activities to celebrate daily blessings include making a thankfulness tree with children and reading place mats that list Bible verses or other quotes about gratitude. Children also learn to celebrate daily blessings with activities that ask them to think of ways in which they appreciate family members.

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To make a thankfulness tree, children collect small sticks from the yard or another area nearby. Children then arrange the sticks in a vase or other container in order to resemble a tree. Next, children select pieces of card stock in the colors of leaves and cut the card stock to look like leaves.

To celebrate daily blessings, the children brainstorm things that they are thankful for. Each day, a child writes something that she is thankful for on a leaf. Hole punches in the cut leaves make it easy to attach the leaves to the sticks with string. In this way, children celebrate blessings each day and create a reminder of thankfulness.

In addition, children learn to celebrate daily blessings by reflecting on daily blessings at each meal. Children each receive a place mat that lists various verses about gratitude. The children then receive tasks to complete that require them to answer questions about thankfulness and their blessings. Parents can print each task on strips of paper, and the children can hook the strips together to form a paper chain of blessings.

Children also learn to celebrate daily blessings by thinking of things they appreciate about family members. After they have written their lists, children can share them during a meal. Creating and sending postcards to people whom the children love and appreciate is another way to teach children gratitude. Alternatively, children can draw pictures of things they appreciate or cut photos out of magazines and make a collage.

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