What Are Some Facts About the Kickapoo Culture?

What Are Some Facts About the Kickapoo Culture?

One fact about Kickapoo culture is that its religion focuses on a creator god that the Kickapoo people worship named Kisiihiat. Another fact about Kickapoo culture is that the tribes lived in domed dwellings called wickiups.

The Kickapoo people believe that the god Kisiihiat is the supreme being who created mankind and lives in the sky. They believe that spirit messengers assist Kisiihiat and come in the form of natural events and forces. Kisiihiat's son, Wisaaka, is a hero of the Kickapoo people and is said to have shown the Kickapoo how to build their houses. Religion is still important to Kickapoo culture. The Mexican Kickapoo practice a form of religion similar to their ancestors, while the Kansas Kickapoo are influenced by elements of Christianity.

The houses of the Kickapoo are called wickiups. Wickiups are wooden houses shaped like domes and covered with bark. These domes are also called wigwams and were an important aspect of Kickapoo religion since it was thought that Kisiihiat designed the houses.

The Kickapoo held ceremonies and practiced art, storytelling and music. They created pottery and carved wood. Kickapoo Indians also created white and purple shell beads called wampum.

The men hunted while the women cooked and took care of the children. These Indians grew squash, beans, potatoes and corn. They hunted deer, bear and squirrel. The modern Kickapoo Indians grow and hunt much of the same things that their predecessors did.