What Are Some Key Points of Writing a Sermon?


Some key tips for writing a sermon include using different Bible translations and a study Bible, creating an outline, and picking the three points that best articulate the point of the sermon. The sermon is written based on the chosen points and supporting Biblical passages.

Whatever the topic of the sermon, one should read multiple translations of the Biblical text on which the sermon is based. There are over 50 Biblical translations including the traditional King James version, the poetic and contemporary Message, and the Living Bible, which paraphrases passages into conversational language. Study Bibles contain theological commentary as well as direct translations from the original Greek, Hebrew or Aramaic. All variations help one to understand the intent of the original language or provide an interesting angle from which to approach the sermon topic.

The next step is to create an outline listing any supporting points and Bible passages. When the outline is completed, the strongest three points can be selected and arranged in the order that best illustrates the message of the sermon. The outline is either used as the point of reference when delivering the sermon or as a foundation for specific notes.

The sermon should be practiced aloud to rehearse and to check for any needed edits or missing information. It helps to have someone listen to the sermon and give objective feedback. After making edits, the final product is polished before the sermon is delivered.