What Are Some Key Beliefs of the Mountain of Fire Ministry?


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Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries' beliefs include the Trinity, salvation through Jesus Christ, Scripture as the only basis for faith and holiness as a requirement for entering Heaven. The church expresses a goal of reviving the signs, wonders and miracles of early Christianity.

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Mountain of Fire, which was founded in Nigeria but as of 2015 claims more than 20 U.S. locations, does not identify itself as a Pentecostal group on its website, but some of its branch locations do. Mountain of Fire calls itself an "end-time" church, which it defines as a church opposed to making membership comfortable for unrepentant sinners. The church website also states that those who do not believe in deliverance, defined primarily as removal of evil spirits, do not belong at Mountain of Fire.

The Mountain of Fire website features an excerpt from its founder Daniel Kolawole Olukoya's book "The Mystery of First Fruit Offering," describing the claimed secrets of prosperity or wealth. This advice suggests that Mountain of Fire promotes what is known as the prosperity gospel. The prosperity gospel has many critics, who express concern with its faithfulness to what they consider true Christian teaching and with its potential to deter the poor from practical ways to improve their material well-being.

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