Why Is Kent Hovind so Adamantly Anti-Atheist and Anti-LGBT?


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Kent Hovind is an Independent Fundamental Baptist Christian who considers atheists and LGBT individuals to be affronts to his religion. As a young Earth creationist, he has debated many people, including a large number of atheists, who disagree with his denial of evolution and belief in the Bible's Genesis narrative.

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Hovind believes that homosexuals are raised in families with submissive father figures and aggressive mother figures, claiming that research shows a social link according to which "children are raised to be wimps or whatever." His goal, prior to being incarcerated in 2007 on a number of federal charges, including tax offenses, was to provide Christians with evidence that there are no contradictions between "true science," which he believes acknowledges creationism and the Bible.

His contention is that creationism is not offered as a viable science subject in public schools owing to an international conspiracy of what he refers to as the New World Order. Hovind alleges that those behind the New World Order include Ted Turner and his ex-wife Jane Fonda, the State of Israel, the British Monarchy and the American Civil Liberties Union. He believes that atheists and LGBT individuals also number greatly in the widespread conspiracy of anti-creationists.

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