Why Is My Kenmore 80 Series Washer Not Spinning?

Simon Potter/Cultura/Getty Images

The timer on the Kenmore Series 80 washing machine has a unique problem in that it tends to pop out to the off position on its own. Before tearing into the machine, turn the dial a full rotation and push it back in to see if the machine starts to spin again. Also, take time to ensure the machine has power.

Overloading the machine makes it difficult for it to reach the appropriate spin speed. Removing some of the excess load and starting again sometimes solves the issue.

The typical problem with this particular washing machine is an issue with the lid switch, according to Appliance Repair. The switch opening should be clean and free of lint and other debris. If the problem persists, appliance repairmen remove the cabinet to jump the switch. They replace switches they find defective.

This machine is a direct drive washer and does not use a belt. However, the connection between the transmission and drum involves small “ears” that attach with screws. These ears sometimes break so the drum no longer spins. Replacing the transmission spin tube lets the transmission reattach to the drum.

If the motor turns and the couplings are intact, there is a potentially broken transmission or malfunctioning brake or clutch. This problem requires rebuilding or replacing the transmission to restore the machine to operating order.