Do All Judeo-Christian Religions Have the Same Biblical Timeline?


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All Judeo-Christian religions do not observe the same Biblical timeline. While Christianity, Islam and Judaism accredit roughly the same dates to the events of the Old Testament, the Jewish Bible does not include the events of the New Testament. The Islamic Koran extends beyond the events of the New Testament.

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The Islamic religion revises the timeline of the Christian and Jewish Bibles based on the belief that those books have been embellished over time to include accounts of events that did not happen. The dates assigned to the conclusion of events in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible and the Jewish Torah is roughly 400 BCE. That is the end of the timeline of the Jewish Torah. However, since Jewish faith does not believe that the promised messiah of the Christian Old Testament and Jewish Torah has yet to return, technically speaking the Jewish biblical timeline is still in progress as of 2015.

This is why in the Jewish faith, the year is currently 5,775, the amount of time that has elapsed from Adam and Eve until now. The events of the Christian New Testament extend the Christian biblical timeline to about 95 CE. The Islamic Koran extends several hundred years beyond that since the faith begins with the prophet Muhammad's vision in 622 CE.

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