How Do You Join the Elks Lodge?

How Do You Join the Elks Lodge?

All applicants who want to join the Elks Lodge must have a current member of the Elks Lodge sponsor their application. Applicants must also reside in the jurisdiction of the Lodge they want to join.

Individuals who want to join the Elk Lodge must have reached the age of 21 and be a legal citizen of the United States. It is also a requirement that all prospective members believe in God.

Two other Elk Lodge members must act as an applicant's co-sponsors in order for the application to be considered legitimate. After obtaining the support of current Elk Lodge members, the lead sponsor has to obtain an official Membership Application from the Lodge Secretary.

The application must be filled out in a timely manner and returned to the Lodge Secretary. The application is reviewed at a Lodge meeting and then sent to the Investigating Committee. After looking over the application the Investigating Committee contacts the prospective applicant and sets up an in-person interview.

After the interview has been conducted, the Investigating Committee sends a report to the Lodge giving their opinion of the applicant's personal merits. The Lodge members then votes to determine if the applicant becomes an Elk Lodge member.