How Do You Join a Beth Moore Women's Bible Study Group?

How Do You Join a Beth Moore Women's Bible Study Group?

Registration is not necessary to join a Beth Moore women's Bible study group, so attend any of the Bible study classes held by Beth Moore that you wish to join. The classes typically take place at the Loop Campus of Houston's First Baptist Church Women. The time and duration of each class varies depending on the content, but Moore typically holds classes in the evenings for a couple of hours.

Moore's 2016 Bible study is a series called "Breath: The Life of God In Us." It takes place every Tuesday from Jan. 21 to March 4 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Beth Moore Bible studies are also available on her foundation's website. Living Proof Ministries provides book-based and video-based studies that are available for purchase at and As of 2015, Living Proof Ministries has 27 studies available.

Beth Moore's Bible studies vary in content. Some are focused on one specific book of the Bible, such as "James: Mercy Triumphs" and "Daniel: Life of Integrity, Words of Prophecy." Others emphasis certain theological concepts, such as "Living Free" and "Living Beyond Yourself." Others are directed toward specific demographics, such as "A Woman's Heart."

In addition to these book studies, Moore and Living Proof Ministries have a similar number of video and audio downloads available. Some of these are intended to accompany the book studies, while others serve as standalone studies.