Who Was John the Disciple?


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John the Disciple was one of Jesus Christ's more prominent apostles. After Christ's death, John played a pivotal role in the Christian church's development. He later wrote several works that entered the biblical canon.

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John was the brother of James, who also became an apostle. John was a fisherman before meeting Jesus. James and John earned the nickname "Sons of Thunder" from Jesus for their zeal. John was one of the selected apostles that witnessed Jesus' transfiguration. When Christ was near death, he entrusted his mother Mary to a beloved disciple, presumed to be John.

After Jesus' death, he preached in Jerusalem and Ephesus. In old age, the Romans exiled him to the isle of Patmos. In his final years, John wrote an account of Christ's life and a divine revelation that he received. He also wrote three letters to the church that are preserved in the Bible.

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