Who Is John Creasy?

John Creasy is a fictional character in the “Man on Fire” novel and film adaptations. Creasy was renamed John as the main protagonist of the 1987 film adaptation and is played by Scott Glen. In 2004, Denzel Washington played the dark and serious role of Creasy in a second adaptation.

In the 1987 film adaptation of “Man on Fire,” the CIA used John Creasy on routine assignments in various locations around the world. However, the 2004 adaptation portrays John Creasy as an alcoholic former CIA operative-turned-bodyguard. Denzel Washington portrays Creasy as a quiet yet somewhat traumatized bodyguard who goes on a rampage after the kidnapping of his charge in Mexico City. The film suggests that John Creasy is numb from painful memories of the targets he killed as a CIA operative.

In the 2004 adaptation, Creasy accepts a job offer from a friend to protect a young girl, which Creasy views as an opportunity for redemption. Although he is reluctant to have a friendship with the young girl, her big heart and good nature win him over. The two become friends, and Creasy begins to see the young girl as the daughter he never had. Creasy vows to get her back safely after her kidnapping in Mexico City.