What is a Jezebel spirit?


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A Jezebel spirit is an attitude of dishonest rebellion in a religious context. In the Bible, there is no mention of the Jezebel spirit. Jezebel was a Phoenician princess who married King Ahab of Israel, and her story is told chiefly in the Old Testament book of Kings.

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Jezebel was a worshipper of Baal, not a follower of Yahweh. When she moved to Samaria, her husband built a temple to Baal and joined her in worship. Her religious practices created many enemies for her in Israel, most notably the prophet Elijah. The Bible states that Jezebel persecuted the followers of Israel’s god and refused to submit to his power. After Ahab’s death, Jehu was promised Ahab’s crown if he could rid Israel of Jezebel. Jehu had her thrown out of a window where she was trampled by horses and eaten by dogs.

Jezebel’s name has been used for thousands of years to characterize evil women, most commonly women who have loose morals.

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