What Are Some Jewish Wedding Traditions?

What Are Some Jewish Wedding Traditions?

Some Jewish wedding traditions include the signing of the ketubah, circling, breaking of the glass and the yihud. Other aspects of the Jewish wedding are the b'deken and the huppah.

The ketubah is the Jewish marriage contract. It is signed by the groom, the rabbi and two other male witnesses. The bride and other female witnesses may also sign it in Reform and Conservative congregations. This contract is in support of the bride's rights, and belongs to the bride to keep as proof of her rights and as a reminder of the groom's responsibilities under Jewish law.

Circling happens when the couple first enters the wedding canopy, also known as the huppah. In this tradition, the bride walks around the groom seven times. This circling is meant as a representation of the seven wedding blessing and the seven days of creation. It is also meant to demonstrate that the groom is the center of the bride's world.

There are many ideas that exist behind the meaning of the breaking of the glass. When the groom steps on the wineglass, some believe it represents the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, while others believe that it represents the fragility of human relationships.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom retreat to a private room for 15 minutes of personal time. This is known as the yihud. This is time that is spent alone, with no parents or guests present.