What Do Jewish People Believe In?

Robert Nicholas/OJO Images/Getty Images

Jewish people hold the belief that God is one and unique and that they should direct prayers to Him alone. Other outstanding characteristics of the Jewish faith include the strict following of the Torah. Jewish people also believe that the Messiah will come and that God will resurrect the dead.

Judaism, which is the religion of the Jewish people, is based on the relationships between God and the Jewish nation; between the Jewish people and their homeland, Israel; and between humans of different races and backgrounds. The Jewish scriptures emphasize these relationships, paying close attention to their development and maintenance and clearly specify the mutual obligations that these relationships create.

Jewish people believe that God chose them to be His chosen nation and that he continues to influence every aspect of their lives. Jews consider this act a divine privilege and they strive to reciprocate by setting an example of ethical behavior and holiness to the world. They achieve holiness by keeping God’s word and adhering strictly to the Torah. The belief that God punishes those who go against his laws is also prevalent among the Jewish people. The obligation to uphold holiness inspires almost every aspect of an observant Jew’s life.