What Are Some Jewish Names for God?


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Some Jewish names for God are El Shaddai and El Elyon. Additional Jewish names for God are Yahweh and Jehovah, both meaning that God is absolutely powerful and the all-knowing ruler.

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The book of Genesis references God as El Shaddai several times. The name translates to God the mountain or God the beast. The name usually references God in the context of being a complete provider of nutrition and necessities for his people.

El Elyon is another Jewish reference from the Book of Genesis. Elyon refers to God's superiority and his highness as ruler of the world. Psalms also references God as El Elyon.

The Bible calls God "Yahweh" 6,519 times. Jehovah is another variant of the word Yahweh. Jews consider Yahweh the promised, proper name of God, as in the third chapter of Exodus, God reveals his name as Yahweh.

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