What Was Jesus Christ's Mission While He Was Alive?


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Jesus Christ's mission was two-fold: to provide a living example of holy, righteous living and to die to atone for the sins of man committed since Adam's fall, states Baptist pastor Charles Stanley on Jesus.org. God came to save His people by becoming fully man while remaining fully God.

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As God living as human, Jesus was an example of how to live a sin-free life. He was tempted but resisted and was perfectly obedient. He provided a tangible example of how to love, help others, show mercy and have compassion.

Because He was God, Jesus was the only perfect, spotless person capable of providing a sacrifice worthy of the sins of man. The blood sacrifices of the Old Testament were not enough. Only the love of God for His people was enough to cleanse the sins committed by man. Jesus took the punishment that was meant for all of mankind so that His people could know of His great love and enduring mercy. With the blood spilled from His wounds, the sins of man were made clean. With the stripes laid across His back, the power of healing was left for man. The prophecy from Isaiah in the Old Testament explains how the blood of the spotless lamb, Jesus, would save the world.

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