Who Is Jesus Christ, and What Is His Mission to the World?

Jesus Christ is the figure around whom all Christian religions are based. The New Testament of the Bible was written about his life and teachings. General beliefs associated with Jesus are that he was conceived by God upon a virgin, performed miracles, died to atone for humanity's sins and was resurrected to ascend to heaven.

According to Christian belief, Jesus brought many messages. One is that God is a loving Spirit. In the Old Testament, God was often seen as vengeful, but Christ's teachings changed that with the lesson that God has a plan for all people. Part of God's plan is that the only way to go to heaven after death is to follow Christ's teachings.

Jesus Christ also preached messages of love. The Book of Matthew in the Bible quotes Jesus as saying that people should love their neighbors in the same way they love themselves. The same book also quotes Jesus on the importance of forgiving and loving the enemy. Jesus also preached that people needed to refrain from hate and lust.

Many of Christ's teachings were about God's generosity. They also warned of the dangers of diverting from God's plan. The crucifixion of Jesus was performed so that Christ could atone for humanity's sins.