What Are Jesse Tree Symbol Meanings?

Nearly 20 different meanings are associated with Jesse tree symbols, including the Sun, Tablets of the Law, the Key of David and Bethlehem. In addition, Jesse Tree symbols include the Root of Jesse, Star of David, Jacob's Ladder, Jonah, the Temple, Crown and Sceptre, Noah's Ark, Ark of the Covenant, Altar of the Holocaust, the Apple, Paschal Lamb and Pillar of Fire.

The meanings associated with Jesse Tree symbols varies widely. When associated with the sun, the tree symbolizes the Rising Dawn, which abolishes darkness and replaces it with eternal life and light. The Jesse Tree also symbolizes the Tablets of the Law, which appear on tablets that God gave to Moses on Mount Sinai. The Key of David, which stands for power and authority, also exists as Jesse Tree symbol. The Key represents Christ, who opens the gates of Heaven for humans, according to Catholic tradition. Another Jesse Tree symbol is that of Bethlehem, the city where Christ was born. The Root of Jesse is a sacred flower that springs up from the roots of Jesse, an appointed figure of Christ, and represents the Jesse Tree, too. The Sword of Judith, a savior of Israelis, exists as a symbol of the Jesse Tree, as does manna, a holy bread descended from heaven and consumed by Jews.