What Does Jeremiah 33 Say?


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Chapter 33 of the Book of Jeremiah contains God's promise to restore Israel to its former glory. While the nation was currently in exile, in this chapter, God gives Jeremiah a prophecy indicating that he plans to bring the exiles back to Jerusalem and to give the nation peace.

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For the restoration to occur, the Israelites had to repent of their idolatry. As the chapter opens, Jeremiah is still incarcerated in the courtyard of the guard. The initial prophecy in the chapter is that the palaces of Judah and the houses in the city are to be demolished and filled with corpses, and that God stops hearing his people's suffering because of their wicked ways.

In spite of this disobedience, the prophecy goes on to say that God will bring restoration to Jerusalem. At that point, Jerusalem will serve as a witness to God's power on earth. The chapter establishes a contrast between the desolate state of the city at the present time and the glory that is to come, with joy-filled streets and fertile pastures. The future also includes the coming of the Messiah to restore justice and righteousness throughout Israel. The Messiah is to be a descendant from King David. However, this covenant is contingent on the obedience of God's commandments.

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