What Is the Jelly Bean Prayer?

What Is the Jelly Bean Prayer?

The jelly bean prayer is a simplified version of the Gospel represented by different colors of jelly beans and written into a simple poem. It is an object lesson used in Christian churches and homes around Easter time.

Teachers or parents can read the poem to a child, showing them the different colors of jelly beans, and use each color to discuss different elements of the Easter story.

Mama Rocks offers the following version of the prayer:

Red is for the blood He gave

Green is for the grass He made

Yellow is for the sun so bright

Orange is for the edge of night

Black is for the sins we made

White is for the grace He gave

Purple is for the house of sorrow

Pink is for the new tomorrow

A bag of jellybeans

colorful and sweet

In this prayer is a promise

And a small delicious treat.