What Is the Jehovah's Witness Theocratic Ministry School?


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The Theocratic Ministry School was a program directed by Jehovah's Witnesses for the purpose of improving students' public speaking abilities and other habits that improve their ability to preach. The Jehovah's Witnesses used the Theocratic Ministry School between 1942 and 2015.

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In its modern iteration, the school began with a discussion of an extended Bible passage by a qualified elder or ministerial servant. The orator focused on one specific point in the weekly Bible reading, especially if it had a local or practical application. Following his brief discourse, he allowed students to comment on points that they had extracted from the same Bible reading. The school recommended that comments be no longer than 30 seconds.

Then, the school overseer invited a male student to publicly read a selected passage from the weekly Bible reading. The overseer graded the student's accuracy, fluency, modulation, naturalness and use of pauses. The second assignment was for a pair of female students, who developed a biblical theme or discussed a Bible character in a conversational setting. The overseer expected the student to display reasoning and teaching ability.

When the final assignment was given to a pair of female students, the last assignment is the same format as the second assignment. When the final assignment was given to a male student, he developed a biblical theme or discussed a Bible character in the format of a discourse. The overseer gave a short public counsel after each presentation but gave a more detailed evaluation to the student in a one-on-one setting after the school ended.

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