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In the Abrahamic religions, Jehovah is the proper name of the supreme being, creator of the universe and god of the Hebrew Bible. The name “Jehovah” is one reconstruction of the ineffable Hebrew Tetragrammaton, Latinized as YHWH or JHWH.

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Jehovah, canonically referred to as God, Lord, Master, He or Him, among other honorifics, is conceived within mainstream Christianity to be a morally perfect, omnipotent, omniscient being with many human personality traits. He is located both throughout the entirety of the physical and metaphysical universe, including human thoughts and souls, and within a higher plane of existence called heaven. There he rules over his host of immortal angels and the righteous dead.

The holy texts of Abrahamic religions do not delve into the origin of Jehovah. Jehovah's narrative history begins with his creation of a vast physical and spiritual universe. As with all details pertaining to him, the motivations behind this behavior have been the subject of millennia of spiritual and philosophical debate. Throughout the Hebrew Bible, Christianity's Old Testament, Jehovah makes frequent direct and indirect interventions into the development of mankind, including the issuing of a number of rules tied to a system of eternal rewards and punishments and the extermination of virtually all life on Earth in a great flood. In the New Testament, Jehovah prefers to operate through proxies, most notably Jesus of Nazareth, called Christ. This eponymous hero of the Christian religion is regarded as Jehovah's only son, an aspect of the almighty in human form.

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