What Do the Japanese Wear?

The kimono is a traditional type of clothing that is typically worn during formal occasions, while everyday clothing includes pants, blouses and skirts. Many Japanese citizens wear conservative clothing, such as suits or trousers, rather than jeans and t-shirts.

Kimonos are long-sleeved garments that reach the ankle and tie at the waist. The sash used to tie the kimono is called an obi. The yukata is a less formal type of kimono worn by teens and young children, especially during the summer.

Standard, everyday clothing in Japan varies depending on the age of the person and the activities planned for the day. Businessmen and women typically wear business suits, while teens may wear jeans or tights with skirts. School children often wear a standard uniform during weekdays. Wearing an entirely black outfit is not recommended when visiting Japan, as this type of outfit is reserved for funerals.

In general, Japanese clothing is more conservative than clothing worn in the United States. For instance, shorts are rarely worn in Japan, while long skirts and trousers are common. Jeans and t-shirts may be worn by teens and children but are rarely worn by adults.

Socks are commonly worn with sandals in Japan. Custom requires removing shoes in homes and temples in Japan, and most citizens wear comfortable but clean socks at all times. Sandals for indoor use are provided at the door when necessary, and street shoes are left outside the entryway of the home or temple.