What Is Janam Kundali?


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Janam Kundali is a Hindu Vedic astrology chart. Vedic astrologers use the chart to make predictions and provide answers.

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Like most horoscopes, the Janaam Kundali chart revolves around the positioning of celestial bodies, specifically 12 planets. These include Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, North Node, South Node, the sun and the Mmon. Although the moon, North Node, sun and South Node are not classified as planets, astrologers refer to them as planets because of their position in the cosmic world. Chart interpretations are then made based on the planet's location respective to the different 12 houses.

In other to ensure an accurate reading, astrologers require that participants provide accurate details about their life history. This includes the date, month, day, time and specific place of birth. A slight error in any of these may lead to a wrong interpretation. Although it is unclear when the use of Janaam Kundali begun, there is evidence that its use predates Galileo's discovery of other planets. Despite the popularity of astrology, many people remain skeptical about its accuracy or efficiency. Astrologers however point out that the interpretation of horoscopes can help people find answers to questions, providing a deeper understanding of their fears and desires, and provide improved human relationships.

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