What Do Italians Do for Fun?

Italians watch movies, go shopping, spend time at nightclubs and get involved in outdoor activities for fun. They also attend cultural events. Hiking opportunities vary based on weather, region and season.

In their spare time, Italians enjoy various types of indoor and outdoor activities. They go to the movies and shop for clothing and fashion. Several cities in Italy, including Milan and Florence, offer excellent selections of clothing, shoes, purses and accessories. As the birthplace of many high-end brands, Italy maintains a strong position as a hotspot of fashion. Locals commonly shop for trendy clothing for fun and adopt the styles that best suit their look.

Italians enjoy countryside hikes. Punta Manara and Cinque Terre are among Italy’s most breathtaking hiking trails. Many Italians consider hiking and biking fun outdoor activities. During winter, the Dolomites provide a beautiful skiing experience for the local people. Italian ski resorts along the southern side of the Alps also offer incredible scenery and an enjoyable skiing experience.

Italians passionately follow soccer and like to watch games at stadiums. Olympic Stadium, which is home to AS Roma, draws thousands of aficionados during Series A and B. More generally, nightlife is vibrant across Italy. Italians gather in nightclubs to mingle, dine, have fun and relax. Italians in larger cities also have the option of going to casinos.