Why Isn’t Hennessy Pure White Cognac Sold in the U.S.?

There is no identifiable reason why Hennessy Pure White cognac is not sold in the United States, and the Hennessy company does not publicly revealing that reason. The light-colored Cognac made by the popular Hennessy brand is sold only in the Caribbean and in parts of Europe. Cognac admirers living outside of those two areas must settle for obtaining it from third-party sources.

Hennessy Pure White Cognac has taken on a mysterious quality due to it being hard to find for those that live outside Europe or the Caribbean. The Hennessy Company does not discuss this particular variety on its website. Therefore, in order to track it down, Cognac admirers must search high and low.

Fortunately, there is some limited information about the pure white Cognac, which reveals that it does indeed exist. The Cognac has a pleasant golden honey coloring. Therefore, it is not actually clear white like a white wine. According to the information on the label bottle, this Cognac is produced using the finest white grapes. The base that the Cognac is made from has been aged between 15 to 50 years.

Hennessy Pure White receives stellar reviews as it is considered to be a very smooth drink with a light fruit and floral bouquet. It is said to rival some of the finest Cognacs available in the market.